knitting -1 FO and 2 WIPs

I finally finished my Zaftig Tank. I added lenfth in a horseshoe lace. I increased the needle size a couple of times as I went down. I finished it off with a crochet BO. I also opted to sew the straps to the center back to make it a tank rather than halter. I have long hair - it knots.

you can't really see it in these pictures, but the last ball of yarn was a different dye lot (WHY didn't I check first???) I didn't notice until I was 2" into the lace and said "eff it"! Now, it still bothers me. it isn't distinct enough to look like an on-purpose stripe, and it isnt' close enough that it isn't noticable - well to me anyway. I'm considering a slight over-dye to attempt to even it out.
I have 2 things OTN right now.
I have a pair of shorties for Colin as my home/soccer project:
It is basically my "Twisted" pattern, but I did the cuffs in seed stitch and added crotch gussets.
My train/travel project is a pair of socks for Todd:
They are coming along, but he does have some big feet!
All the yarn in this post was from my trip to WEBS for the Harlot signing. There is still yarn in that stash for another pair of shorties, 1 more pair of socks for Todd and 2 pairs for me!

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