I found a great deal on HUGE microfiber towels, so I picked up an armful. I was finally inspired to sew new diapers for Colin. he really needs larges - especailly pocket fitteds for night, but I've been so burned out in the diaper sewing department. This was the inspiration I needed. I cut out enough (6) MFTs to make 3 diapers and 2 inserts! I put together 1 of each. Colin wore it to bed that night.

That motivated me to wrap up the shorts I am knitting for him. I think I increased too much in the gussets and they were certainly big on him, but I cut the elastic to the right size and it worked out. However, due to the oversize, I ran out of yarn....so I grabbed a somewhat coordinating leftover from the stash and went with that for the waist band. He wore those that night as well...

With those done (and a highly bruised kneecap) I decided to cast on my Forrest Path Stole. My second - and biggest - lace project. It is knit in cobweb weight silk (think thread). the blocks are done in entrelac- a technique I've never attempted. Since that isn't hard enough, I am opting to replace the nupps in the Lillies of the Valley blocks with seed beads (which I haven't bought yet). Did I mention that I am only doing the Lillies of the Valley blocks? unless I can find a lace pattern for heather that will work. I am planning on wearing it for our 10th anniversary vow renewal - next April. I had Lillies of the Valley in my boquet when we were married - and white heather too, so that'll work fi I find it. So far I have the bottom border and one base triangle knit. I need more stitch holders.

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  1. Just popping over for a quick hi. Nice to see the kids are well and out of school for the summer. I love your teacher gifts.

    Of course summer for we adults is interesting. We do the same things we do all year round except in the summer we got to do it wearing shorts. lol