Maiden Square Garden

Now, I've never not liked Maiden. I've always liked their music - even when it fell into the catagory of "noise comming from my brother's room". when we were dating, Todd made me a mix tape (geez.. that puts a date on it, doesn't it?) of mostly Zepplin and Maiden. I LOVED it and listened to it when I was delivering fried chicken in the projects.

On Father's Day, Todd and I (and several thousand other people) went to see Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden. I can honestly say that I am now a "real" Maiden Fan (and I added Bruce Dickenson to my "list")!

We both broke the "don't be that guy" rule - and as it turns out, so did about 90% of the people there - and when MSG is sold out.... that is a LOT of people! We came out of Penn Station and it was just a sea of black T-shirts with various incarnations of "Eddie". I wore a "Killers" shirt - similar to the one Colin wore home from the hospital.

These guys rocked the Garden for a solid 2 hours....well, not solid... they did take a a break for a game of soccer football when the PA system lost power during... are you ready?......Powerslave... yeah... the irony was lost on noone. They handeled it with a sense of humor - and a ball that magically appeared from backstage.


oh yeah.. did I mention where our seats were? we were in the "I LOVE Maiden, but I'm too damn old for General Admission section... side stage.. 4 rows back! our view of the stage was somewhat obstructed, but it was kind of cool getting a bit of a backstage peek. I took these with my cell, so they aren't the greatest, but you get an idea of our view...

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