The One Where I Beg

My quilt guild is having two quilt challenges this year. One is a "Charm Quilt"-at least crib size and you can only use each fabric once. The other is to portray the title of a song. I decided to be lazy efficient and make one quilt that follows the rules of both challenges.

what is intersesting is that in all my years dancing, I've become accustomed to music inspiring movement - but it has never inspired my fiber before. but there is a first for everything. my recent quilts have been inspired by the fabrics and even a blank wall.. so why not music?

the song: "Amber" by 311. It's been lodged in my brain for WEEKS, so I may as well go with that, right?

the paln: I'm going to stick to a color pallette of amber/gold with a bit of royal/navy thrown in to make it all pop - and because I think it fits the song. I still need to pick my template, but I'm thinking something with curves that will give a wavey effect and have lots of movement. but curves- EEK! I sew better in straight lines!

the problem: I dug through my stash and found a total of 6 amber and 5 blues. yeah.. I'm gonna need LOTS more!

the begging: If you have any amber/gold or royal/navy fabric scraps (roughly 5" square) you'd like to part with, I'd be happy to take them off your hands (I'll gladly swap for what you need!) drop me an e-mail: herselfATsnetDOTnet. just ,you know, fix the AT and the DOT parts.

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