What the hell have I been up to?

not much... HA!

Saturday, I finally got Colin's pictures done. I've only been trying to do this for what? a year. Having time and money simultaneously is not always easy. Finally the stars aligned. Jerry did them for us again (baby belly pics, newborn pics, baby pics ). We even got some of Andy, Ryan and all three together. This proved to be harder than that whole time/money thing. Ryan threw an hour long tantrum-a-thon the night before over wearing the matching outfits. Andy was in typical ADD form - not to mention the fake smile phase.. here are the highlights (click to enlarge)

Signing "more"

Practicing for a calvin Klein ad

NO! you can NOT have my sippy.

Nap time
Sunday, Andy had another soccer game. again - bad Mommy - no pictures. again, you're not missing anything... at least he had fun, right?
After the game, we dropped the kids off and Todd and I went to Mecca WEBS for the Yarn Harlot's appearance (check out her blog. Cynthia and Em are on there!). Talk about "freaking out the muggles"! After her talk, knitters walked through Northampton enmasse to the signing at WEBS. (hmmm... wish I thought of taking a picture of that... it would probably look good right about here...) What would you do if you saw 1000+ knitters wandering through town? I did get to see Cynthia and (blogless)Dar as well as meeting the Harlot herself. She is as warm, gracious and funny in person as she is in her blog. There was yarn shopping as well (nope.. no pictures of the stash either... sigh.. you will see it as WIPs though) and lots of enabling by my (sock) loving husband. He even got to show off his hand knit socks to people that "get" it-and they were impressed! After all the walking, knitting and shopping, Todd and I stopped in a real resaurant (you know with dishes and silverware - and NO kids!) and had a nice quiet dinner.
Last night, I got a call from (blogless) Kathy. "Guess what I got in the mail?" hee hee I knew what it was! It was Deloris and her Biological clock:

the pictures suck (at least I remembered to take them before I put them in the box)- but yes, it is what you think it is! The clock was knit using the womb pattern from knitty . I just put a clock in before the decreases. I was really happy that Kathy saw the humor and it put a smile on her face. I love to make things for people who really appreciate them.
Also on the knitting front, I am almost done with Pomatamus (???) and I cast on Zaftig last night. but this post is long enough don't you think? stay tuned for more on that and even more people who don't know how to park...

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