Yarn Barf

One of my biggest pet peeves.

The whole point of working from a center-pull skein is so that you don't have to deal with knots, tangling and balls of yarn rolling down the aisle of the train car (or is that just me?)

I'm knitting Todd's socks in ONlinie 3 Supersocke 100 - which I got on sale at WEBS because it is being discontinued. It isn't the softest sock yarn, but it seems like a durable yarn and a bit more "grabby" than some others. Maybe I just got used to primuim sock yarn. My last 2 pairs were in Loran's Laces afterall... there are no knots (so far and I'm not even to the heel yet) and no bizzare dye screw ups (had that happen with Fortissiama Colori). It isn't even splitty (again with the Fortissima - which hasnt' held up for anything).

BUT the skeins keep barfing! I spend more time untangling than knnitting these days! BAH!

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