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Well that certainly was a "fun" weekend.

I've blogged about Todd's BiPolar recently. We (that is his Dr and I) decided that I've had enough, he's had enough and he needs to be in a place where he can be monitored. So, he is in the hospital. No major crisis, but we felt it best to avoid one which I am sure was imminent. His med levels were low, so that is good news - an easy fix. I miss my hubby. I'll be glad to have him back to himself and back home.

While Todd was on his way to the hospital, I took the boys to their first karate tounament. They are SO proud of themselves! They should be! They both did a great job and were great sports.

first up was sparring. Ryan beat Andy to win 5th place. Andy came in 7th. (Andy is in yellow, Ryan in Blue Camo).


I didn't get pictures of Sweeping, but Ryan got a "Great Job" trophy and Andy came in 3rd. He doesn't like being taken down- AT ALL!

Last up was the joust. Ryan came in 8th. Jousting is easily Andy's best event. He has a technique that works for him - usually. One kid did outsmart him. He came in 2nd!
The Father of one of the boys he beat actually called him a bully. Anyone who has actually met my eldest child knows how laughable that is. He has PTSD. He is literally afraid of his own shadow! He is SO far from being a bully. I wanted to say somethign to the dad, but Andy didn't hear him and I didn't want to ruin his moment, kwim? I guess this guy didn't like that his kid lost or didn't understand the rules - basically he wasn't listening when Sabunim was speaking before the event. I know that if Andy were not following the rules or being unsportsmanlike, Sabunim W would have warned and then disqualified him.

with the whole Daddy in the hospital thing, I didn't think to get pictures of them with their trophies. I will! I promise!

Sunday was Andy's soccer game. I do'nt know why we went. He hardly played- and when he did he totally ignored his coaches (which is why he hardly played). though, I didn't medicate him because he was medicated all day Saturday for the tournament.

For Mother's Day, the big guys got me flowers at the school plant sale and Colin slept in until 9! we went to my parents for lunch- made by my Dad! Colin LOVES pasta!

Between the kids Karate Tournament, a Soccer Game and my huband being in the hospital, I got a LOT of lace knit on my Zaftig.

now I need to try it on. Hope it fits. See how much longer it needs to be. The lace is a horseshoe lace. I increased from a US4 to a US6 for the first 4 repeats and then switched to US8. I may go up again...

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  1. Todd is in my thoughts and prayers tonight, my dear, as are you.

    Those boys of yours are kickass!!