S Factor Sunday

Sunday was a completely luscious, relaxing, self-indulgent day. I tried things I've never done before - and it was exhilarating and empowering! What did I do?
  • I took a strip tease/pole dancing class (S-Factor) in a synagogue while me sweet hubby sent me dirty text messages.
  • I was treated to spa treatments including a FABULOUS massage while I sipped champagne.
  • I tried sushi for the first time (and I enjoyed it)!
  • I ate a $7 chocolate mousse out of a $0.25 cup.
  • I bought a REALLY sexy "Feel Your Boobies" shirt and ruffly shorts (that match the lacey sleeves gifted to me by Kathy).
  • Most importantly, I took a day for ME and spent it with a dear friend. I am eternally grateful to her for twisting my arm and making me go-even if I didn't put up much of a fight!

As I sat on the train home (much later than I was planning - tempest fuget and all that jazz), I was reflecting on my day and digesting the events... and something occurred to me. An idea kept popping up throughout the day. The idea: we, as women tend to point out our own flaws.

This thought is precisely why I loathe having my picture taken (with the exception of when I was PG. I LOVE those pictures because it is OK to be HUGE when you are 38 weeks pregnant with a 9# baby - and I still rocked my belly ring!). I know that as soon as I see a picture of me, I will only see my flaws. Knowing that makes me insanely self-conscious, which certainly isn't going to make the pictures more attractive.

I got off of that train feeling happier, smarter and sexier than I have since... well.. ever! I made a promise to myself to remember that feeling every time I have my picture taken and every time I look at my own picture.

This doesn't mean that you'll be seeing more pictures of me here any time soon. It is a process...

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