For the Love of Lace

have you seen this article?

I thought it was interesting. Smart talented women making a good living - beaten down by “the man”. You can see all the pretty things on thier site.

Basically, some very talented lace crocheters in a very Catholic Polish village have a business making lace - typically large pieces like altar scarves and tablecloths. Their customers include Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican. The large pieces took a long time to make and there wasn't a huge demand. They couldn't make a living. One lady go the idea to make lacy lingerie- smaller, faster projects with greater demand and a higher profit margin. the Conservative villagers and the Church aren't happy.

I don’t get why the Church would be so opposed. I mean, they want us to marry, stay married and procreate. I think the g-strings would help… Besides, if they are so concerned, then they should just buy more tablecloths.

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