When I tell people that Colin has weaned, the usual response is "you finally got your body back".

I beg to differ.

This is NOT the body I had 8 years ago. I wore a bikini- in public. Even though I am the same theoretical size as I was then, you will not likely see me in one this summer. My stomach still looks like a deflated balloon - stretch marked and saggy. Thanks to my husband loving me with candy, my ass is certainly not any smaller.

There are some pluses though. I've got some pretty cool ink that makes me happy. A new piercing that makes me REALLY happy. The arm flab is gone. The "girls" have not (yet) deflated.

Most importantly, I am physically and mentally stronger. I am far more comfortable in my saggy, stretch marked skin. Maybe that has more to do with the wisdom of being 30-something. Whatever the reason, I am happy with this new model, but I'd still like to bring it into the shop for a tummy tuck, and I may need a boob lift once all the milk is gone.

Now aren't you all glad you got to know me this well?

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