Say my name Bitch!

I recently became aware of an interesting phenomenon (do do da do). When speaking about me to his friends, he refers to me as "my wife". Territorial much? nah - he's not like that. It apparently never occurred to him that if doesn't use my name, people will refer to me as "Todd's Wife".

Yes, I am his wife. Yes, I've been called MUCH worse. Yes, I have my own name!

It never really bothered me until I noticed that people really didn't know my name. People we've known for a year or more! One guy, we've known for YEARS - as in before kids, calls me Cat because he wasn't exactly sure what my name was. One guy - who is notoriously bad with names kept asking me my name and still gets it wrong on occasion. Another friend said in passing "oh yeah, that's Todd's wife."

The name is Catie. use it!

I also answer to beautiful, sexy and gorgeous.

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