All about the knitting

If you aren't interested in yarn, then move on- nothing to see here today.

First up in the FO parade is the Everlasting Bagstopper . My initial thought was to put backpack straps on it and use it as a beach bag, then it occured to me that I did not want to carry the kids sandy, soggy beach toys on my back. Plan B was to make fabric straps with a really pretty shell print left over from the fish quilt. I like Plan B! the yarn is Sugar & Cream leftovers from the stash.

Hmm... looks like there is something in that bag... nope not sand toys... Zaftig! Since I would like to be able to wear this in public, I am going to add length to it in a lace pattern to make it a proper top. I am considering converting the straps from halter to tank, but I'll decide when it is done. Yarn: Cascade Fixation, color # 6399. Part of my haul from WEBS.

Speaking of WEBS, I had my "Emergency Knitting" (not practical? LMAO!) with me on Sunday. I knit during the talk and while in line. I would have knit in the car too, but I was driving. It was really cool to be around so many people who not only knew that I was indeed knitting socks (not one person asked me why!) but most also recognized the pattern. It is Pomatamus. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Super Sport in the "Jeans" colorway. They are on my feet. They are Comfy!

I worked them toe-up instead of cuff-down as "suggested" by the pattern. I modified my short-row heel by knitting the back of the heel (where I picked up th estitches/wraps) in the twisted rib. I love how it ligned right up with the pattern!

Other than that, I am finding great use for leftover sock yarn (design forthcomming) and I am goign to be casiting on some Shorties for Colin in the very near future.

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