Christmas Chaos


Ryan got art supplies, puzzles, hot wheels, craft stuff and his favorite -his hockey equipment - and lessons

Doctor Andy got a lab coat, Dr kit (incl microscope and a human body model), hotwheel racetrack, remote control helicopter, puzzles, art supplies and- of course sparring gear!

I think Colin had more fun with the paper...

Todd got his Battlefront edition PSP. I got the Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner (aka kitchen zamboni), a bunch of DVDs, knitpicks Optiosn set, and 6 skeins of handspun alpaca.

No injuries. No trips to the Hospital.


  1. No injuries or hospital visits... that's definitely the best part.

    I know I said this before, but Merry Christmas, hon.

  2. Love the pic of your 3 super heros!

    But injuries and hospital visits make for great stories years from now .... I remember the christmas of 2007 when ......

    Glad you had a safe and happy holiday.