Christmas Gifts

Last week, I had intended on this weeks blog entried consisting of pics of Andy's belt test and the boys' Christmas haul - and I will get to that. First I need to share a story about what happened to me on Christmas Eve.

I had to drag the afore mentioned boys with me to the grocery store. I normally shop without kids and I almost never take more than one with me. Between the lack of sleep and the stress that comes along with making Christmas "perfect" for the kids I was NOT equipt to bring them shopping. I was in NO mood to handle the "gimmies" when we had already extended our tight budget to buy them all the goodies on their lists (well, almost, Ryan wanted a mororcyle. we decided hockey was safer.) My shopping trip sounded like this:

Kid: I want this!
Mom: It's not on our list.
Kid: But I want it.
Mom: It's not on our list.
Other Kid: Buy me that!
Mom: Not. on. the. list.
Toddler: (grabs whatever he can reach off of shelves)
Mom: (growls)
Toddler: GRRRRRR!
Kid: I want red apples!
Other Kid: NO! I hate red apples! I want green grannies!
Kid: GROSS! Red ones are yummier!

Then an older* woman comes by, puts a $20 bill in my hand and says "I've been there. Merry Christmas!" and walks away. I was touched and moved beyond words. I bought the red and the green apples. Her kindness is a Christmas gift I will never forget. It really isn't about the money. None of us would have gone hungry or cold yesterday without that $20, but the empathy, kindness and generosity showed me that the world still does care about one another - something we dont do enough anymore. Christmas is a time to show the world we care about eachother and thank the Lord for his Son. It isnt' about The latest electronics or the best sales.

*older only means older than me - NOT "old". This particular woman appeared to be about 70ish.


  1. Oh! My heart fluttered and I got goose bumps over that. How nice of her.