One of the on-line groups I belong to did a "secret santa" type gift exchange. I was lucky enough to have Cynthia for a "HO".

some yummy dark chocolate and blooming tea ( also yummy!)

laceweight baby merino in orchid and a copy of the Forrest Canopy Shoulder Shawl (by Susan)

Then this was hidden under the pattern:

LUCKY ME!!! I - of course- had to wind the wool immediately!

I'm not sure if Cynthia knows this about me - or if she is just a REALLY good gift-giver, but I am not a knitter that can handle having a "stash". really. I know most of you Knitters are quite perplexed, but I just cant have things like baby merino or 6 skeins of handspun baby alpaca in 3 colorways (thanks mom!!!) sitting around the house. They taunt me to me knitted (or crocheted). even the scraps of "good yarn" beg to be used up. The only exception is craft/novelty yarns. I am not opposed to using them. I buy them as projects require and toss the extras in my stash bin (20 gal tote only 1/3 full) to never be seen again.

so, even though I have a pair of mittens, a miter square shawl and a hat OTN, a pair of longies in need of finishing (yes Julia - those are for Cassidy) and another pair of mittens and a pair of Todd socks queued, I am swatching the shawl on my new knitpicks options (also from Mom!).


  1. I am so glad you liked your box! I am glad I got you, as I knew I'd have fun putting together a package for you.

    I loved working on the Forest Canopy--but I sent you my copy of the pattern because I know I won't get back to it again for a long time. I can't wait to see how yours looks! Let me know how the Malabrigo laceweight knits up?

  2. Oooh... that shawl is GORGEOUS!!