A Low Pressure System to the South...

Andy likes the weather. He has to watch Dr. Mel every morning. He is first in line to check out weather.com at school. He's trying to figure out what the numbers mean to him. (How cold is 28, Mom?) So, we've asked Santa to bring him a mini-weather station.

see how it shows him what to wear? it has indoor and outdoor temp, barometer, sunrise/sunset and other cool stuff. The kid is going to FLIP!

I had to scan this in to show you how this 6-year-old thinks.

This is a weather map of the US. See us in CT? he labeled it. That thng sticking out of the west coast is California. He even drew in Alaska, but he didn't have enough paper for Hawaii. Those boxes are states. The midwest is pretty square - so he says. Notice all the rain in the northwest and the cold air masses over Canada? Those "L"s are a low pressure system moving north. There is a frontal boundary in there too.

just for giggles, here is today's weather map (couldnt find yesterday's) from weather.com

he did his map strictly from memory...

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