I lied...

I told you to come back for non- knitting content today. I lied. I don't have anything for you. You just need to take up knitting. I'll distract you with pictures of Colin coloring for the first time. I don't know why I've never given him crayons before... maybe Santa needs to bring some toddler-friendly crayons and paper.

On to the needles!

I'm making a pile of washchloths.

Ryan and I made a batch of oatmeal scrub bars to go with them.

I got this in the mail the other day.

Pretty, no? It'll be socks for Todd when it grows up. For now, he is getting the yarn for Christmas. If I actually have time, I may cast on the toes - maybe.

When I got home last night and convinced my children that they actually do need to sleep, I was able to frog the mittens and start over.

That's better!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh... that soap looks yummy.

    Crayons are a daily ritual in our house. It's how Momma gets time to make breakfast!! Yay for Colin!