The Newest Karate Kid

A little over a year ago, soccer ended and I was looking for a way for Andy to get some exercise and social interaction. He got a flyer in his backpack for "Karate Club". It actually took some convincing to get Todd (who will be testing for his blue belt soon!) on board.

The first class, he REFUSED to participate. The second class wasnt' a whole lot better, but he did try. He continued to get better, but he stayed in a fog. I went to watch one week - 60 kids in Karate PLUS another 50 or so in the YMCA after school program. There was a LOT of noise - no wonder!

The instructor suggested we move him to the "Little Dragons" class at the community center near our house. Immediate improvement! He was now really learning. Not just karate, but also how to stand still and how to listen. Last year, Karate did more for him than any therapy the school provided.

Now, he is medicated and really starting to excel in everything- including martial arts. He is starting to get bored in the LD class. We talked to the instructor and decided it was time for him to move up to the Kids program.

Friday was a big day for Andy. He was supposed to be testing for his red/black belt. He got his camoflage belt. He was quite suprised! At first he was confused. Sabunim began his speech about the camo belt. Andy looked down at his belt - with the 3 stripes on it - and looked like he thought Sabunim forgot that he was testing. then, Sabunim said that his brother was in the class, his dad helps teach the class and mom even takes the self-defense class. the light went on- and he was excited!

He was SO proud of himself - and we are so proud of him too. He has come so far from the kindergartener who would not participate!