stupid stupid stupid

If you have no interest in knitting- come back tomorrow. For the rest of you:

What is the very FIRST thing you do when you knit a new pattern? Gauge swatch - of course! I decided with all of my christmas knitting that I don't have time for such trivial nonsense. (stupid!) I brought my needles (US 9s) and some WW Wool Ease (spiltty stuff, but soft and durable. Great for kid mittens) to work to start on them during lunch. I printed my pattern, highlighted the right size and began to cast on the appropriate # of stitches.

As I cast on and began to knit I was starting to think that maybe they were looking a bit big. Oh well - kids grow fast. They'll fit eventually, right? (stupid!) Kept on knitting.

Then I began to wonder if I should be using a smaller needle because the ribbing wasn't really cinching in the cuff. After all, I just grabbed the 9s because that is what I usually use for WW. I knit a few more rows. (stupid!) Then I decided to check the pattern. It calls for- ready for this? - US2. (STUPID!) Now, you would think I'd stop knitting at this point, rip it out and start over when I get home. nope. I finished the round! It is now sitting in my handy travel knit caddy on my desk and mocking me.

The moral of the story:
  1. READ the pattern FIRST
  2. KNIT the gage swatch!
  3. STOP when you know you've screwed up beyond fixing.
  4. Start Christmas knitting earlier - like January.

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