Unraveled Under the Canopy

I've been adding my projects and what stash I do have to my notebook on Ravlery and exploring the site a bit. I added my "Twisted" shorties pattern to the Ravelry library. I was a little surprised to see already listed was my S3 pattern! Other people have made it. Other people have put it in their faves and in their queues! I don't know why this is a surprise to me. It was published in a book. It is available on Amazon (among other places). I was just thrilled to see that someone took the time to put the info up on Ravelry.

I took the confidence boost and ran with it - stright to my lace!

This was attempt #2. On my first attempt, my center ended up off-center in the middle of the second repeat. But, this being my first lace and a special ME knit (I dont get those often, I usually give away what I make) I frogged it all back and started over. I am MUCH happier with it now! Notice the lifeline? I learned my lesson! Of course, now that I am using a lifeline, I haven't had to rip back. this was taken at about the same point I frogged the first go-round. I am now up to the 6th repeat and already starting to worry about blocking*!

My original plan was to pin & block on my cutting table, but my cat seems to be confusing it for his bed lately. Plan B is now to block at my Mom's house. Her sewing room is well barricaded against intruders (aka Jimmy), is pet free, and is home to a spare bed perfect for blocking. my next dilema is blocking wires. I don't own any. I don't even know where to get them. I should check my LYS for some. Do I really need them? can I improvise? use something around the house? I suppose I should just suck it up and go buy some since I am already plotting my next lace project.

what is your opinion of blcking wires? cast your vote?

*I do block other knits, but the real estate required for hats, socks, mittens and longies is significantly smaller than what this shawl will require.


  1. How do you like the yarn? I was looking at some the other day and lusting over it. Is it as yummy to knit with as it looks?

  2. My cats are drawn to blocking lace. Don't know why but the minute I get finished pinning one of them wanders over and sprawls on the wet wool. Strange creatures.

  3. Gorgeous!

    Can I enlist you to redo the lace on my wedding dress that I ripped on our anniversary? :)