House update!!!

we're ALMOST there! BTW- can anyone help us move some furniture on Sunday???? PLEESE!!!!! :)

First up Kitchen.. still demolishing the floor.. the window will be installed Wednesday....(picture to follow...)

I really like the lr/hall color with the new floors - and I lOVE my new light too!

Drapes are Hung in the Master br.

Spidey is hangin around Andy's room.

Ryan's "boat-bed" is just missing the bed (in the trailer...)

and of course the most important part of the family room.. TV an toys!

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  1. I LOVE the walls in the boys' rooms! Oh, your house is going to be beautiful! I hope I can come and see it some time soon...maybe over the holidays!

    And the kitten! So cute! And the boys! So big! Squee!