Sort of Friday...

well- it is only Wednesday, BUT I'm off the rest of the week and packing and (hopefully!) moving something... in! our mattress was delivered today!!!! WAHOO!!! oh and i picked out the light fixtures too!!

anyway.. instead of a free pattern... I'm casting on a hat for one of the boys tonight... maybe both.. who know? anyway it is a mini hat-a-long from one of my fav knitting blogs. http://ma2ut.blogspot.com/ what I love about this is that it is like a toe-up sock for the head... which is why I'm thinking I'll use the turkish CO ( which is not entirely circular, but I think it will suffice...) and a modified ML. If my cable is long enough, I'll pull 2 loops unilt it is big enough, then I can switch to a smaller cable, then bigger.. did I mention that my interchangable needles came???

I'll update with Pics and progress in my WIP post this evening. I'm baking my Thanksgiving bread and I'll have time while the dough rises...

OH and in other Knitting blog news... I hav a new favorite knitting blog... http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/ pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and prepare to laugh yourself silly!

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