WIPs - belated...

no pics, but an update...

-Ryan's Sledding socks : I'm glad I stuck these in my purse... I'm making great headway! I'm up to teh ase of the ankle. this is where I would do a heel if I was going to put one in. I figure tube socks may not have a perfect fit, but he'll be able to wear them all winter!

-Todd's socks: still chugging away! IM a full repeat into the foot now. at least 2 more to go... curse those BIG feet! Plus I was PO'd with him this week, so I worked on some other things!

-Teacher scarves: 2 down, 3 to go! I made another granny square one this week it is the same pattern as the black/grey one but this is black/blue. I'm about a foot into the basketweave one.

waiting in the wings:
-2 more teacher scarves
-mittens and hats for both boys in woolease chunky! I founbd a pattern and now I need to dig through my needle stash to see if Grandma had what I need!
-35 10"x10" squares for a swap. some I'll knit and some I'll crochet...

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