Crocheters and knitters unite!

why is it that projects have to be one or the other?? I love knitted things with crochet trim... I like crocheting together knitted squares! Those of you in the purple/white swap be ware! I am attempting to KNIT my squares- but don't panic! I'll do a sc border on them.

Why is it that as crocheters we resign ourselves to craft store acrylics and novelty yarns? go to your LYS and dive in to those lush fibers! I promise they won't kick you out if htye find out that you "only" crochet. In fact I have it on good authority that you cna even buy hooks and crochet patterns there as well.

while we are at it... fellow(and lady) crochers.. let's take our artform serioulsy. lets step away from the granny squares and the doilies and explore the uncharted waters. Learn some new techniques.. and for goodness sake..lets all learn good finishing technique and teach each other! Crochet is just as much an art as knitting. lets stop selling our work short and give it and ourselves the respect we deserve!

WIPs to follow tonight...if I can get on-line...

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