WIP Wed!

A couple other updates first tho.. we had Andy P/T (no the PPT!) at Pumpkin ( his SN program). He is doing great! he is playing with the other children adn DEFINITELY thinking outside the box! AND he has mastered most of the skills they expect him to master by the end of the year! GO ANDY!

I stopped by the house after the meeting and OMG I LOVE the color in Andy's room!!! It totally rocks! the family room color looks great too! Andy started packing his toys today.... my mattress comes next week!

Now for my WIPs...

I stuck them all in one shot... top right is Todd's socks, just starting the second repeat on the foot (it is a 3" repeat!_..the itty bitty sock top center is Ryan's sled sock. I have it in my purse "just in case" and I've made a lot of progres!... in the center is the basket weave scarf nearing completion-tomorrow maybe? nex one down is the crochet teacher scarf I did last week. best part is I used every bit of that yarn! no leftovers!.. adn last on top is teh first of my purple&white squares for my swap.it is 1 strand white WW and 1 strand of this really soft lavender fuzzy stuff I got in the $1 bin @ Target. I'll edge it with a border of sc in white to make it easier for a non-knitter to join them.

FYI- if any of my fellow swapers (swap #52) are reading this, I will continue to post squares for the swap here. If you see something you like, stake your claim in the comment section bleow!

I found a doozy for friday! bet you can't wait!

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