I'm "it"

So, Meghann tagged me... 6 quirky things about myself... this is a tough one.. I've done a bunch of these before.. I even did 100 things about me... those were a few years ago and life in my world has changed quite a bit. As I sit here thinking about 6 new things, I'm finding they revolve around my kids. I love my kids and they do come first, but they aren't me. So.. 6 things about ME...

  1. I dream about my knitting projects. really.. I got an awesome new yarn in the mail Monday and that night I dreamt about the scarf that I'll be making with it. Not the first time I've done that... seriously though.. REALLY cool yarn! (Noro Silk Garden!)

  2. I have a very hard time making friends. I have been painfully shy my entire life. I still am, but I've learned to put on my big girl panties and deal (a talent I owe to Christine for teaching me). I was tired of saying "no" to everything because I was too damn scared to say "yes". I was missing out on my own life. However, since I spent so much of life not interacting with the world at large, I never really developed the social skills to make new friends. Andy's therapist suggested we teach him- explicitly - how to make friends since he seems to be deficient in the social skills as well. I'm all over that... as soon as I figure it out myself....

  3. My birthday is in 30 days. What do I want? 2 things - 1) my husband to send me flowers at work (feel free to drop him hints!) and, 2) a pole - a dance pole. OK fine, call it a stripper pole if you must. No. I am NOT considering a career change. It is all about the exercise - both mental and physical. Think I'm nuts? check out http://www.sfactor.com/ I took an intro class and OMG I wish NYC were closer! it is such an empowering experience. I hope Sheila can find a way to bring it to the masses - or at least the 'burbs - sooner rather than later!

  4. I spend about 2 hours a day commuting. I enjoy it! no- really I do! If I drove and had to sit in traffic while my SUV was idling away my paycheck, I doubt I'd feel the same way. I start my commute and my day with a short cardio workout by riding my bike to the train. on the train, I can get comfy and knit - which is my meditation - my zen. Then I walk out of the station and hop on a bus that drops me at the door to my office (I knit on the bus too). Repeat in reverse on the way home. It's all pretty relaxing and quite civilized....

  5. I'm not a girly-girl. yeah.. I know... not new information. Here is the catch.. I wish I were. well.. maybe just a bit more girly.. I love wearing dresses a buying pretty shoes. However, I'd rather go barefoot and I never remember to put any make-up on.. sigh..

  6. This has been a real struggle for me. I was tempted to go with the karate/soccer/hockey mom stuff, but that is more about my kids than me. I thought about talking about my knitting.. but I blog about that regularly anyway... I considered going the favorite book/movie/TV show/drink route - BTDT. I wanted to give my readers a bit more of the real "me".

now.. to tag my victims....

Kathy because the whole pole thing is her fault! thanks!

Cathy since she had such lovely suggestions for me she must have even better ones for herself...

Cynthia needs to update her blog some more too...

Adelina and maybe she'll post some more of her pretty glass too!

Heather always has something interesting to say - and she beat J. Lo...

Deb if she isn't too busy booking the ambassador's personal appearances. Go wish her blog a happy Birthday too!


  1. I wish I knew how to knit.

  2. Are you going to post video of you on your pole? ;-)

  3. I am SO glad I am responsible for introducing you to S-Factor...

    It is, like, THE BEST THING EVER...

    and, jazz, hard to truly capture... without being there.

    come to NYC for an intro class.

  4. oooh! that is what we can do at our BTBBC/NYC meet-up!

  5. Thanks for humoring me! :)

  6. Silk Garden? Totally dream-worthy.

  7. Awww... crap. Only six things? I was hoping for so many more from you. I could name more... ;)

    I'm all over this as soon as I finish that one last appearance for the kid.