It all happens SO fast!

I can remember exactly when they were conceived (really). I remember their births like it was yesterday. It wasn't that long ago it seemed like neither one would ever learn to use the potty. I remember thinking how "grown up" they were sending them off to pre-k and then Kindergarten - aka "real" school.
Now, they have nightly homework, friends, hobbies and interests that don't involve me. They don't need me to pick out clothes or to make breakfast.
They are such big kids it scares me. Soon (too soon) they will be off riding their bikes or boards to their friends houses, asking for cell phones and cars, learning to drive and getting jobs (at least they will if they want a cell phone or a car).
For now, I am overwhelmed with pride when I see my guys (voluntarily) sitting at the table doing their math homework! Ryan really loves it, but has a hard time reading the instructions. Reading really frustrates him. Andy, however, sat there saying how hard it was and how much he hated math. I looked at his paper. He had ALL the correct answers! Don't know why he hates it so - maybe b/c he has to think. He's the reader. he is WAY ahead of grade level with his reading.

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