The Element of Surprise

When I learned that friends of mine were finally expecting a little girl after a long bumpy road of trying, I was over the moon for them. When I landed back on Earth, my inner Knitter reminded me that this new baby needs to be wrapped in knitting. I searched and searched the patterns on Ravelry and everything was rejected.. until I came across Elizabeth Zimmerman's (EZ) Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ). Now, for those of you who are out of the magic loop (har har - ok if you didnt get that REALLY bad pun.. I mean you!) EZ is a knitting GENIUS! not only does she design beautiful knitwear, but she engineers her designs very well. She uses math (I'm sure of it!) with great care. Her construction methods just boggle the mind - and the BSJ is the prime example. Since this little lady will have two engineers for parents, I KNEW this was the right pattern (besides - I wanted to see what the fuss was about).

The word on the street, (OK- ravelry and blogland) was to just do what she tells you and trust that it'll all work out. I don't make it a practice to blindly follow directions, BUT it was great advice when I first learned to turn a heel...

I headed over to my LYS, which was coincidentally having its grand re-opening (I was underwhelmed -again- by the service, BUT I did get 20% off!). I picked up some lovely and soft Velvet Touch yarn - kind of a chenille, but nicer- and a copy of the pattern.

When I got home, I put Colin down for his (overdue) nap and cast on. - blindly following directions. Once I got past the decreases for the sleeves (I may do "puff" sleeves on the next girly one now that I know how it works out) and started increasing again, I could see more clearly where it was going.

I kept increasing and BO for the neck. kept going..

working the center only for 10 ridges... scratching my head the entire time...

Picked up the 10 sts on the side of the center 10 (why arent' there more pictures of this part on the internet???)

added my buttonholes.

I used a crochet picot bind off for a little extra feminity.

Folded it, sewed it up and added the buttons.

now for a matching hat....

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