Camp - the kids' perspective (photo heavy!)

I gave Andy and Ryan each a disposable camera (yeah.. the kind with film. now you know why this post took so long!)

The highlights from Andy's perspective (I'll spare you t he dining hall, the rock and the puddle!)

our Cabin:

at the beach:

From Ryan's Perspective:
self portraint:

Andy from the treetops:

Look closely, there are people swining on ropes in those trees!

I took these of the boys on the low ropes course.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

What did I do at Camp? Well, I found a few minutes to knit here and there and started some longies for Colin. I'm calling them the "HiRock Longies" (Ravelink here ) because the colors reminded me of the trees. see (wooden tree painted by Ryan at Arts & Crafts):

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