Wild Weekend

Let's see, we had hockey, Sunday School, playdate at my parents, laundry, dishes and a trip to the Yankee Quilter.

I picked up some really nice fabrics at YQ and a pattern for a purse. I also picked up a GREAT suggestion. I was telling them about my new CD line and they suggested a 50/50 bamboo/organic cotton fleece as an alternative to the hemp.

Now, the real advantage to going to a local quilt shop (LQS) is not the WONDERFUL fabrics, delightful patterns or even the fact htat you are supporting a local shop. The real advantage is the expertise of the staff. They know thier product. They know the projects. They take the time to talk you through your purchase.

I didn't know that this bamboo/cotton existed. I never would have thought of it for the diapers - it is marketed as batting. It is SO soft, SO absorbant and naturally anti-bacerial. who know? the ladies at YQ did.

Did I not mention the diaper thing? Guess not. For a variety of reasons that I'd rather not get into, I've decided to refocus and re-launch My Little Creations. I am going away from the pockets, revamping and re-launching the FunFolds. FunFolds (FF) are similar to prefolds and are worn the same way. They can be pinned or snappied. Why are they better? They are trimmer, more absorbant, softer and cuter. With this bamboo, they are also anti-bacterial. how cool is that? I am still refining the design, but I am almost there. I plan to re-launch in April with some beautiful fabrics and some great deals! here is a sneak peek of Colin in one of his prototypes:Photobucket

I also picked up the pattern for the Town Purse from Lazy Girl Designs . I really enjoyed this pattern. simple and well thought out. Some great techniques here! I plan on makeing the Wonder Wallet and a briefcase version of the Summer Tote.



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