Cranky the Cabbie

I'm not a morning person by any streach of the imagination. Yes, I am aware that there is a new day full of new possibilites ahead. The bed is comfy and the dreams are sweet. I'll get up when I damn well please! Except there is that whole job-work-money thing. sigh.. I get up and go because I have to. It is under duress, but I do it. I enjoy the train ride because it gives my brain a chance to come fully up to speed without having to operate heavy machinary first. Getting to the train - at this point - requires me to take a cab. My regular cabbie gets me to the train on time every morning. No complaints there. I do tip him well because I'd like that to continue. I just wish he could just do it with a little lot less rage.

My alarm goes off at 5:30 and I call Cranky Cab Co. for my pickup. He answers the phone as if I were a bill collector. I'm not even out of my wrm, comfy bed yet and he is already filling my morning with rage. On the way to the station I get to hear about how much he hates his job, the weather, his girlfriend and other clients. By the time the 1.5 mile trip is over, I am overcome with anger myself. I am angry at people who look at me, sit next to me, or God forbid, speak to me.

Yesterday, I got on the shuttle bus which takes me from the station to my office and the driver asked why I was always so angry. I guess it shows. Ten minutes later, his "Relax, No Problem!" Jamaican spirit had me fit for human interaction again.

Then, a building collaped near the tracks in Harlem (vacant -- no terrorists!) and shut down train service just before the evening commute. I got on the bus not knowing how or when I was going to get back home. The driver (another Jamaican) said "relax, you'll get home. No problem!" The trains started running again just before I got to the station. we stood out on the raw, cold, windy platform and waited. and waited. we talked, joked and entertained an antsy toddler confined to his stroller. Some folks shared cabs home. Cell phones were passed around so that everyone could update folks waiting at the other end. No anger or rage. We just went with it. We all hopped on the first train to stop (and express and the Accela flew by at about 100 mph first) and then worried about which train it was (it was the 4:15 train at about 5:50).

It occured to me at that point that I've been allowing other people to dump their negativity on me and letting it ruin my day. I decided I was going to fake being a morning person and see if I can positively affect my morning. I put on my most pleasant "Good Morning" when I called. I got "yeah see ya later" in response. I get in the car and he is yelling at a woman who needs a ride to her son's funeral (he did have a good point, why did she wait until the last minute to get a ride?) and proceded to rant about how he was going to quit the rest of the way there. I just smiled and nodded. I think he needs therapy. My good vibes just aren't going to do it. I've resolved to not let if affect me. So far, so good. I was joking with my fellow commuters by the time I got to the shuttle. (yes- I was speaking to strangers! can you believe it?)

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