socks and such

I've finally finished Todd's Safari Socks. It seems like forever, but for a oair of his socks, they went pretty quickly. about a month of karate classes and a month of commuter knitting. As soon as they were off teh needles, they were on his feet. I did manage to snap a quick pick with the phone:

on yesterdays commute, I whipped up an inhaler sock for him to keep in his gym bag. The tops always come off and you get gunk in them - ICK!


I'd love to take credit for the idea, but it isn't mine. I found it on Ravlery, but you can also find it here. I didn't follow that pattern per se. I used the same formula as I did for Todd's socks, just scaled it down.

Cynthia had a great idea for reusing outgrown baby socks as inhaler socks on her blog.

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