The Force

I belong to the Knitting Engineers group on Ravelry. There has been an interesting discussion on how to retain femininity as an engineer. Which is a tough topic to begin with since we are generally a pretty tomboyish crowd - which does have its advantages. There are advantages to being a woman and to staying feminine. My most recent response on the thread is as follows:

As women, we have a tremendous power over the men around us. The problem is, we’re not taught to work that to our advantage. It is like having The Force and no Jedi Master to teach us the ways of The Force when we are younglings. Once we learn to control the force, we can get what we need/want. Of course some women do turn to the Dark Side, dress and act like ‘hos and sleep their way up the corprate ladder.

We can even further the Jedi analogy by pointing out that most Jedi were in fact men. BUT it was Leia - a woman who possed the The Force - who led the Rebellion, got her hands dirty doing it but remained beautiful and quite feminine.

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  1. Ohhh... that was such a perfect example!