weekend recap

not that my life is all that exciting...

  • We are suspecting that Ryan has ADHD- not a big shock in this house... but we're waiting on a professional opinion late May. yes, that is as soon as we can get him in.

  • the elder two boys were having a tough time behaving adn listening. Mommy removed ALL toys from their room. They are left with a couple of stuffies they sleep with and their books. I don't think they believed me at first. Andy damn near flipped when he saw me bring the stuff down to the toy dungon. Ryan wanted to know which bin they got to keep (NONE!) and when they'd get it back (depends on them!). I made it clear that I will not hesitate to keep taking more stuff away until they get the picture.
  • Colin grabbed his RPI baby Puckman onesie out of his drawer, brought it to Mommy and said "hockey!" We went to a Sound Tigers game later that day (yes, he wore the onesie!). They lost in a 6 round shoot-out! good game though.

  • Colin is picking up our love of reading. So what if the book is upside down!Photobucket

  • again with the Colin.. I've had ENOUGH of him pulling down the gate and headed for big kid territory upstairs. I had to buy a new gate and mounting kit so he can't pull it down. Before you even ask - the house had a slightly different configuration pre-fire (all of our gates were destroyed then anyway.) so this gate was unnecessary.

  • I've been doing some stealth knitting. I can't wait to show you, but it'll have to wait until the gift is given.. totally worth the wait!

  • I should have some nice LL super sport for my Pomatomus today or tomorrow YAY! I'm running out of protable projects... although my Ravlery queue isn't getting any shorter...

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  1. I always like when you threaten to do something with the kids and they get that look of absolute horror/confusion when you follow thru on it. Usually only have to do it once and they catch on.

    I can acually read upside down. It's a skill that use to come in handy when I was sitting across the table while the kids were doing their homework. Maybe Colin has this skill, too.