TGIF- 3/14 - We miss you P!

First- I just wanted to take a moment and remember a dear friend now gone 10 years. I remember her like I saw her a week ago, yet so much has changed since she passed. What I am most grateful for this week is the lessons she taught me in her life - as well as her death (though I chose not to dwell on that much). I've blogged before about my crippling shyness as a kid. Chris was the one that really helped me learn to live with that. She showed my how to grab life and take risks (I'll never look at Jello the same way!). Unfortunately, that is a big part of the reason why she' gone. Gone, but not forgotten. She is still in my thoughts and I carry a bit of her lust for life spirit with me.


  • male bonding
  • girl talk
  • working the "girl card"
  • deep pockets
  • applesauce cupcakes (thanks Kat!)
  • fun weekend plans
  • gettin' me a POS car!
  • finishing this:

  • and this:

  • getting down and dirty
  • pushing the edge
  • making friends with strangers
  • new toys
  • being a H&C HO!
  • vegan Fridays
  • being ME

ETA: coworkers bearing Thin Mints!

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  1. I'm darn glad to be an H&C Ho, too. Forget other boards, I know where my lovin' comes from :)