I'm on fire!

I finished 2 shawls in week! I finished, washed, blocked and wrote out the pattern for the Miter Shawl I was working on! I am waiting for the weather to clear up a bit for a photoshoot on-location. then I will post pics.

My current WIP? other than Todd's socks, the never ending time suck of stockinette. I am calling it "why don't I own a knitting machine?". It'll be felted and used as the batting/backing of an art quilt inspired by Karen Eckmeier's talk at the last guild meeting.

Still working on quilting "Under the Sea"

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  1. Calling it "why don't I own a knitting machine?" instead of "why didn't I decide to knit socks for someone with smaller feet" is probably a good thing. lol

    The shawls look great. How you manage to do all this with so many little ones in the house is amazing.