January thaw is not Global Warming

As I said the other day, I finished the mittens and they were immediately put to use - even though we are in the midst of a "January Thaw". I did swipe them for a photo op. I had to use the remains of giganto tree as a backdrop as said thaw has depleated us of snow ice.
I really liked the density of the fabric. The thumb gussets worked up nicely, look good and are appearntly comfortable. I don't like the decreases at the top. it decreases to rapidly and makes it bunch up. I think the next pair will be a little different. I'll make the tops more like sock toes and decrease a little more slowly. I'll also either double strand of use bulky weight on larger needles. I'll still work it in a firm gauge to get a nice dense fabric, but it'll go a little faster and make thicker mittens - which will work out nicely once winter returns to kick us in the arse.

With the mittens off of the needles, I cast on Todd's Safari Socks. I am really liking the LL. I'll be working more with this in the future. I am still working on the toes. Did I mention that he wears a 14EEEE?
yeah.. I'll be knitting these 'til next winter... sigh...

oh- and the whole blocking wire thing - I was looking around on ravelry and learned that I do NOT need wires (which are wicked expensive!) I can use string - or more likely crochet thread. WOO HOO!


  1. Blocking wires are a great investment; I use mine all the time.

    Good luck with those socks. That's a whole lot of knitting.

  2. Those mittens look gorgeous against that greenery.

    I love your big hubby holding those teensy little scraps of soon-to-be socks. The contrast is great.