Yarn Over

In yesterday's comments, Cynthia asked:
"How do you like the yarn? I was looking at some the other day and lusting over it. Is it as yummy to knit with as it looks?"

First off, the yarn in question is 100% baby merino lace weight in Orchid, by Malabrigo. It is SO soft and lucious. It isn't spun very tightly, so it has a lot of bounce and a little "fuzz" to it, which made frogging a little challenging. Certainly nothing like a mohair, but adds an element of softness to the knitting- and the fabric! So far I am LOVING working with this wool. I am anxious to see how it blocks out as well.

It is a far cry from baby merino to LB WoolEase... but I am liking the finished fabric of these mittens. I am also liking that they will keep my kid's hands warm and dry and Mr. Mom can throw them in the wash (yes, Todd really does all our laundry. Yes, that includes diapers.). They are knit in WW weight on US2s.. yeah... I'm thinking I might go up to the bulky and maybe US5s. It'll still be a nice firm fabric, but a thicker - and a faster knit!

Progress Pics comming soon... if I remember...

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