The End of a Journey

Author's note: Do not read the following blog post unless you have finished reading all 7 Harry Potter books. If you aren't planning on it, then, well, you should! If you are just waiting for the movies- SHAME ON YOU! read the books because you are missing at least half of the story.

I spent most of the weekend reading, but I made it to the end of Harry's journey. I was quickly sucked in to this boo as well - from Bill and Fleur's wedding to Gimauld Place and the break in at the Minisrty. I was amazed by the doe patronus (and I guessed SO wrong! I thought it was Ginny!) I was enthralled with the battle of Hogwarts.

I was, however a bit disappointed in a few loose ends that weren't tied up. How raised Teddy? I assumed it would have been Harry and Ginny since Harry was his Godfather. I like to think that it was Bill and Fleur since Teddy was part warewolf and Bill had been bitten by one. We know Neville became a teacher, but what about the rest of them? what did they do? I had Hermionie pegged for a teacher. What became of Kreacher fter the secret of Gimauld place got out?

yes, I know it is only a book (or seven), but what seperates a good story from a great epic is the author's ability to spin a yarn that can take the reader on a journey that transcends the line between fact and fiction. JK Rowling can spin wiht the best of them!

I am finding myself with the same sense of let down that I was after finishing the Dark Tower. I know what is at the top of the Tower. I know how Roland got there. I thuroughly enjoyed both journeys so much that I was sad to see each of them end. Fortunately, Stephen King is such a prolific and talented writer, that we can still read the tales of those who cross their paths with Roland along the way. King, in fact, is so talented that his tales not only transcend that line between reality and fantasy, he blurs it. how many novleists put a fictionalized version of them selves into their work? genius! I sincerely hope Rowling plans on telling us more about some of the people we've met along Harry's journey. What about the House Elves' version of the story? I'd love to read the last story from the perspective of the students who did show up for school at Hogwarts that last year. or what about a prequel? about James, Lily, Sirius, Lupin and even Snape at Hogwarts - or the original Order who fought Voldemort ending with his failed attempt at murdering Harry. Or was she setting us up for "the next generation" by sending the kids off to Hogwarts at the end.

While I was doing all of this reading, I knocked off a lot of stockinette in the round and finished Ryan's mittens. I went to take an FO picture this morning and realized that the mittens are on his hands on the way to school - D'oh!

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  1. I really want to read that beautiful hand-written/illustrated book she did for the people who helped her with the series. DYING to see it.