One Saturday in the Sewing Room

Todd took Ryan to his belt test this morning and he is now a blue belt! While they were out and Colin played with his Cars, Andy and I played in the sewing room.

First, we made so- called "brag vests" for their Scouting patches. Ryan let me make his. thanks. I printed out this pattern. I bought some of the quilters Tru Grid and ironed it onto heavy weight sew in interfacing. I transferred the grid from the paper pattern and cut out the fabric one. Andy traced the edges with chalk, cut it out and sewed the shoulder seams. I had to help with the grommets - they were tough. All that was left was to thread the lace and sew on the patches!

Next we got to work on his Hungary Caterpillar quilt. He wants to show it in the guild quilt show. He finished the last two blocks, bordered the squares and assembled the top. I showed him how to spray baste the quilt sandwich. I need to get some more thread and some more time alone with Andy to quilt it. I'm going to show him how to quilt by machine and by hand. I need to track down some more of the Eric Carle fabric for the binding. I don't think I have enough left. Here it is ready to be quilted!

Next on the sewing agenda is to get more batting for my blue and white quilt so I can get that done in time for the show.

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