A negative times a negative is a poitive

One of my goals for the new year (notice I didn't use the "R" word) is to be more positive - or at least to try to focus on the positive aspects of a situation. When life gives me lemons, I'll put them in my tea.

Some examples:
  • I was EXHAUSTED on Saturday but we had a great date night on Friday.
  • We ran out of heating oil last night but that last tank lasted us 11 months!
  • My job has a lot of down time but I get to knit.

Some situations are harder to see the gifts God has given me hidden in them.

My friend's husband passed away and it is so tragic I can barely comprehend it. Where is the gift there? For one, it has given me reason to be thankful for what I have and particularly the blessing of the last year. Each day we have together is a blessing to be cherished. It has also given me the opportunity to share my gift of knitting to bring her some measure of comfort in such a difficult time.

Along those line, I had another opportunity to give the gift of yarn this week. Another friend asked me to knit a cap for a family member who is just beginning chemo treatment. While I take no joy in anyone's illness, it is my pleasure to knit a cap for her. I'm throwing in a prayer shawl too. Both were lovingly knit with prayers of comfort, strength and health.

I had knit the two wraps for my Church's Prayer Shawl Ministry some time ago and was planning on dropping them off at the rectory this week. Looks like I'll have to replenish them first. That of course give me the opportunity to use up some of the yarn I have taking up space in my girl cave, try new patterns and do something I enjoy. In fact, making those shawls and that cap is just as healing for me as I intend it to be for the recipient. The patterns are simple and repetitive perfect for my own time of prayer and medetation. I often refer to my prayer shawls as "yarn rosary".

Now, how do I put a poitive spin on all of this laundry I need to put away, toys all over the living room and stacks of dirty dishes. Oh yes, we have plenty of clothes, food and enough leftover for way too many toys. Yes, we are blessed - not lucky.

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