The war on Take Out

The other night I made steak, salmon, sweet potato fries and green beans - all fresh (and on sale). Todd ate the steak. I had everything else. The boys went to bed hungry and complaining.

Whenever I ask "what would you like for dinner?" the answer is something like this
  • McDonalds
  • Pizza
  • Taco Bell
  • Chinese
  • Can we go to the Diner?
UGH!!!! This mom has had it with food out of a bag or box. It isn't healthy OR cheap to eat like that. Dinner has been too "Convenient" lately and we've all gotten used to it.

I put a moratorium on junk food and take out. NO MORE! school snacks are fruit and veggies. I may even go back to hot lunch on Fridays only.

I may even reward them for good behavior (in a month) with a trip to the Diner.

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