TGIF - 1/15/10

Seems like death and disease is all around this week. It is times like this, when it is hard to see the good that around us that we need to take a close look at the blessings we do have.

  • home
  • heat
  • health
  • clean, healthy food and water
  • new tools
  • new toys (not as cool as your Kathy!)
  • simple solutions
  • fellowship
  • serenity (most of the time).
  • programming
  • York Pieces
  • rotissere chicken from S&S
  • "king" Ryan
  • Mo's
  • hot tea on a cold morning
  • 40 degree weather!
  • spending money on me and not feeling guilty (almost).
  • being able to help (I hope) even a little bit.

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