You Park Like an Asshole- Part 1

well, I don't mean you. Not unless you are the genius responsible for this stupidity (check out this site for more parking assholes!):


This dumbass managed to block BOTH of my driveways at the same time! JACKASS!

I Live on a corner. On one side of the lot there is a hydrant and our two driveways. There are several "NO PARKING" signs that indicate that you can not park from before the hydrant until the other side of the corner. Not to mention the "DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY" signs.

Why is this such an issue in suburbia? We live across the street form a park. We go through this crap EVERY softball* season. Appearantly, these guys can play ball and drink beer, but are incapable of walking a block to get to the field. Then they wonder why I get so pissy about it. How about I block your damn driveway EVERYDAY, shout obsenities and sit on your lawn drinking piss beer and talking loudly until 10 pm even though you repeatedly tell me to keep it down because the babies are sleeping. think you'll get pissy? Just wait unil I start turning your sorry asses in for DUI....

*I love softball. It isn't summer without the clink of the bat and the chatter of the game. We spend summer nights eating dinner on the front porch and watching the games. I jsut don't think it is too much to ask for a little common curtosy...

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