A Weekend Full of Surprisees!

Surprise #1

  • I have decided that now that it is nice out, I can ride my bike the 1.8 miles to the train station every day. I have a bike - it's in the garage in the same EXACT spot it has been in for +/- 4 years (with hte fire and all it got burried). I dug it out, wiped it down and SURPRISE!- tires are dead flat. I put some air in them and WD-40'd the chain and decided I'd take a round trip test ride to the station on Saturday. SURPRISE! I made it around the block. The tires wouldn't hold air, the brakes stuck and it was shifting like CRAP. so.. off to Tony's it went. It'll be there until next Saturday, but when I get it back, it'll have new tubes, street tires and probably at least one new shifter cable. I was SURPRISED at how relatively inexpensive the servicing is. (GREAT service BTW! I highly recomend Tony's!). I'll also need a new lock and a new helmet (those things expire, you know) then I am good to go. all in all I'm looking at about 3 weeks cab fare in cost.

Surprise #2

  • The boys are on "spring break". Didn't they just have a vacation? Andy went to my parents last night for a sleepover. Colin and Ryan camped out at the other grandparents. SURPRISE! our dinner guests had an emergency and cancelled on us last minute. we had an afternoon/evening to ourselves! What do we do? we went to a hockey game, picked up take out and played with LEGOs. Wild times at our house!

Surprise #3

  • At the game, Todd went out for a smoke (he knows! he's trying!) and ran into a sales guy. SURPRISE! we're getting season tickets to the Sound Tigers next season. well, actually, it is a 20 game package - half season. 2 seats in the "barstool section"! WOO HOO!

ETA: DUH! I forgot one!

Surprise #4

  • long story short, Todd suggested I go to see the Yarn Harlot at WEBS with his friends wife. THEN he asked if it was OK for him to go too! uh YEAH!

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