Kitchen Shit

When digging out the bikes the other day, I had to move a bunch of Todd's music crap (I'm sure it is wonderful, but it isn't mine, so it's crap). Behind that were 2 boxes sitting on the backseat of a minivan we traded in 3 years ago (Todd's minivan. I stand behind my "no sliding door' policy). Behind that I found the bikes.

I brought the two boxes into the kitchen, but I didn't get to unpack them until last night. one box was marked only "fragile". It contained the remainder of the Easter decorations that I was looking for 6 weeks ago (and the last 2 Easters as well).

The second box was labeled in my darling hsuband's hand "kitchen shit". I bet you are asking yourself what "kitchen shit" consists of. Here is a list:
  • the "chip" portion of my chip 'n dip set (the "dip" was unpacked and put away over a year ago).
  • 2 candleholders that belong in the master bedroom.
  • 1 crystal wine glass (it was happy to be reuinted with its friends!)
  • 1 depression glass bud vase
  • a copy of "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding"
  • my garden clogs
  • 1 pair Doc Martins
  • 1 pair leather sandals
  • 1 softball cleat (notice I didn't say pair?)
  • 3 purses I don't remember owning
  • a small wall mirror that also belongs in my bedroom

who packed that box? monkeys? I'd blame it on Todd, but as I recall he did more of the labeling, carrying and complaining than any actual packing.

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  1. Omg, I'm pretty sure my DH must have come over and packed that box. It's TOTALLY his MO.