You might work with men if.....

  • you go to get a beverage and find only 3 drops of water left in the cooler.
  • you go get a paper towel to wipe of the spill from filling the cooler and find an empty cardboard tube.
  • you reach for sugar to put in your tea to find the container empty in spite of the large case of sugar packets in the cabinet.
  • you dramatically change you hair cut/color/style and noone notices.
  • you lave your "office shoes" home and end up wearing your sneakers with your pantsuit all day. noone notices.
  • coworkers begin conversations with "you need to talk to my wife/girlfriend.."
  • coworkers assume you know nothing about sports and might not be interested in using the company box seats at Shea (so SO wrong!).
  • you are assumed to be the company authority on stain removal.
  • you get married and it doesn't occur to anyone that you may have changed your name.

my apologies to Mr. Foxworthy.


  1. I worked in an office with 200 women and ran into the same situations. Some people are just lazy and decide isn't not 'their job' to do things around the office.

  2. LMAO about the company authority on stain removal!! They should bump your pay for that!