We're back from a week at camp without injury (more on that when I get the pictures). 24-hours at home, and we ended up with a trip to the ER with Colin.

We took the big guys to see Clone Wars and dropped Colin off for some quality time with my parents. we got home at about dinner time and all 3 boys were hungry, so all 3 boys headed for the fridge. Ryan closed the door of the fridge not noticing that Colin's thumb was between the handles of the 2 doors.

After about 3 hours of waiting, it wasn't broken, but the nail is and it will fall off. It is a bruised bloody mess. to make matters worse, he won't keep a bandage on it! So please pray it doesn't get infected. Toddler fingers are NOT know for their cleanliness.

The doctor did consider removing the nail and cleaning up the nail bed, but since he won't keep a bandage on, he felt it would do more harm than good...

Like any good mom-blogger, I took a picture while we were hanging out in the ER with Toby and a baggie of Triscits (btw- it takes a LOT more than that to entertain a toddler in a hospital waiting room. Fortunately, there were lots of people for him to talk to.)

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