My blogless(?) friend Kathy sends out an e-mail list of "grattitudes" every day or so. It got me thinking. Not only is it good to acknowledge to the universe (or at least the internet) what you are thankful for, but the process of writing it down really makes you think of things that are positive in life- even the small ones. You have to think about what you have - not what you don't.

So, to that end, my friday blogs will be devoted to just that. Afterall, I think we are all grateful for Fridays! TGIF, right?

so, my first TGIF list:
  • Upward career moves

  • Mass transit

  • cabbies that show up on time

  • socknitting

  • flowers

  • unexpected chocolate

  • "old money"

  • friends with good advice

  • a blog to post this on ;)

  • BB2

  • ARC

  • TAB

  • Yorkshire tea

  • electricians with a clue

  • remembering to bring a sweater

  • valentines from my kids

  • bag gloves & a bag to hit with them

  • a vent for frustration

  • talent to share

1 comment:

  1. Thanks sweetie..I am very thankful to you for giving me positive reinforcement when I need although I am not even half as talented as you are.

    You are very gracious and kind. You are loving and generous. You are a friend everyone should have.Especially now that you have the new job ;)