the Commute

new job - new commute. the first morning didn't go so hot. my stinkin' cab was 40 minutes late*! I missed FOUR trains and screwed my shutle connection at the other end. I ended up being 1:15 late for my second day - nice. Fortunately, the new boss is not an ass, so it was ok. The ride home was better.

On the way back a lady saw me knitting and sat down next to me. She is a new knitter and we talked needles and yarn shops and I introduced her to magic loop and HK socks. she asked "the" question "why not just go to Kohls?". I told her to knit a pair, put them on - then ask me. Its like parenting. you think you know - but you don't - not until you are ankle deep in it.

This morning, the planets aligned and the commuter gods were kind. My cab was about 10 minutes early - which meant that I caught the early train - semi express, through train to my stop - no transfer in stamford :happy dance: I got off the train, down to the street and my shuttle was wating. My stop is the last in the loop, so I was the last one on the bus. the driver pulled up to the driveway of my building instead of the regular stop next door. I hope the rest of my train rides go this well!

so, if you are on the MNRR New Haven Line and see someone knitting this:


come and say "hi"!

*Note to Cab drivers: if you are 40 minutes late and I miss 4 trains - you do NOT deserve a tip - so don't ask for one - jerk!

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  1. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like every morning could be an adventure. I always love the why knit socks when you can buy them comment. Gives me the giggles every time.